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Tilman Spengler

Tilman Spengler © Katharina Kreye

Photo: Katharina Kreye

Tilman Spengler, b. 1947 in Oberhausen, is a sinologist and novelist. In 1991, he published his first, critically acclaimed novel Lenin’s Brain (Eng. 1993), which has been translated into 27 languages. The author’s other works include: Der Maler von Peking (tr.: The painter of Beijing, 1993), Meine Gesellschaft (tr.: My society, 2001), Wahr muss es sein, sonst könnte ich es nicht erzählen (tr.: It must be true, or I wouldn’t be able to tell it, 2011), and Haben Sie das wirklich alles im Kopf? (tr.: Do you really know it by heart?, 2013). His most recent publication, a novel about the painter Jörg Immendorff, is entitled Waghalsiger Versuch, in der Luft zu kleben (tr.: Daredevil act: clinging in the air, 2015).

He has written numerous features and radio plays for Bayerischer Rundfunk and a series of documentaries for television. In 2010, he wrote and hosted shows focusing on classics of world literature for the TV station Bayern Alpha 101. Tilman Spengler was publisher of the journal Kursbuch for last 25 years.

Among other prizes, he was awarded the Ernst Hoferichter Prize and the Munich Literary Prize.


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