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Jazra Khaleed


Jazra Khaleed © Privat

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Jazra Khaleed, b. 1979, Grozny/Chechnya, lives in Athens and writes poetry exclusively in Greek. His poems are an indictment of right-wing populism, social injustice, racism and xenophobia in today’s Greek society. The engaged politics and the rhyme schemes of his poetry owe much to the underground rap scene in Greece.

As co-editor of the poetry magazine Teflon, and particularly through his own translations published there, he has introduced the works of Amiri Baraka, Keston Sutherland, Bert Papenfuß, Barbara Köhler and many other political and experimental poets to a Greek readership. In his essays, he focuses on topics as diverse as the poetics of hip hop, the East German avant-garde and the poetry of Arab-American women.

Khaleed’s texts have been published by prestigious literary magazines such as World Literature Today, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Modern Poetry in Translation and Die Horen.




Jazra Grosny
Distillery Verlag
Berlin, 2013
[tr: Michaela Prinzinger, Clemens Setz & Peter Constantine]

Wörter aus Metall
Jena, 2015
[tr.: Ina Kutulas, Michaela Prinzinger]

Athens, 2016

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