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Jordi Puntí


Jordi Puntí © Stefanie Kremser

Photo: Stefanie Kremser

Jordi Puntí, b. 1967, Manlleu/Spain, lives in Barcelona. He writes novels and short stories in Catalan and is a regular contributor to El Periódico, a newspaper based in Barcelona, and the cultural magazine L’Avenç.

Puntí has published two books of short stories: Pell d’armadillo (tr.: Armadillo Skin, 1998) and Animals tristos (tr.: Sad Animals, 2002). In 2010, he published his first novel, Lost Luggage (Eng. 2013), which received the National Critics’ Award, the Booksellers Award and the prestigious Lletra d’Or and has been translated into 16 languages. His most recent book is Els castellans (tr.: The Castilians, 2011), a memoir on the relationship in the 1970s between Catalan children and the immigrants who arrived from Spain to a Catalan industrial town.

In 2014, he was a recipient of the fellowship for the Cullman Center for Scholars and Writers at the New York Public Library. He is now working on his second novel.



Pell d‘armadillo
Barcelona, 1998

Animals tristos
Barcelona, 2002

Els Castellans
Barcelona, 2011

Lost Luggage
Simon & Schuster Canada
Toronto, 2013
[tr.: Julie Wark]

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