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Lawen Mohtadi


Lawen Mohtadi © Sofia Runarsdotter

Photo: Sofia Runarsdotter

Lawen Mohtadi, b. 1978, is a Swedish author and filmmaker whose work revolves around contemporary and historical racism, migration and gender in relation to Swedish and European politics and culture. Having worked in radio and print journalism for many years, she is currently a senior editor at the Swedish publishing house Natur & Kultur.

Mohtadi has done over ten years of extensive research on Katarina Taikon, a Swedish-Roma author and iconic civil rights activist. In 2012, she wrote the award-winning biography on Taikon, Den dag jag blir fri (tr.: The day I will be free) and co-directed the documentary film Taikon, which was based on her book and released in 2015. At Natur & Kultur, she has published Taikon’s seminal work, and most recently she co-curated an exhibition at Moderna Museet and a series of lectures at Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern in Stockholm, which focus on the history of the Roma in Sweden. Her projects have left an indelible mark on the Swedish discourse on racism, modernity and the rise of the welfare state.



Äga rum. Röster ur den feministiska rörelsen
Stockholm, 2008

Framtiden har redan varit här, hejat och passerat
Tusculum Förlag
Stockholm, 2009

Den dag jag blir fri : en bok om Katarina Taikon
Natur & Kultur Allmänlitteratu
Stockholm, 2012

Rasismen i Sverige : nyckeltexter
Natur & Kultur Allmänlitteratu
Stockholm, 2010-2014

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