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Lukas Bärfuss


Lukas Bärfuss © Frederic Meyer

Photo: Frederic Meyer

Lukas Bärfuss, b. 1971, Thun/Switzerland, is one of Switzerland’s most renowned writers. The Zurich-based author’s controversial articles on Swiss society and politics frequently trigger fierce public debate.

His literary works include the novels One Hundred Days (2008, Eng. 2011) and Koala (2014), and his plays have been performed internationally, including The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents, Der Bus (tr.: The bus), The Test and Öl (tr.: Oil). During his tenure as author and dramaturge at the Schauspielhaus Zurich from 2009 to 2013, he wrote the plays Malaga (2010) and Zwanzigtausend Seiten (tr.: Twenty thousand pages, 2012). His collection of essays Stil und Moral (tr.: Style and morality, 2015) focus on the large and small questions of a morally challenging life. His new novel Hagard will appear in the spring of 2016.

His works have received numerous awards, including the Mülheim Dramatists’ Prize, the Berlin Literature Prize, the Swiss Book Prize and, most recently, the Johann Peter Hebel Prize. Lukas Bärfuss was inducted into the German Academy for Language and Literature in 2015.




The Sexual Neuroses of Our Parents
Nick Hern Books
London, 2007
[tr.: Neil Blackadder]

One Hundred Days
Granta Books
London, 2011
[tr.: Tess Lewis]

Göttingen, 2014

Stil und Moral
Göttingen, 2015

Göttingen, 2016

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