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Mehmet Yashin


Mehmet Yaşin © Kerim Belet

Photo: Kerim Belet

Mehmet Yashin, b. 1958, Nicosia/Cyprus, is a poet, novelist and essayist. He left Cyprus for Turkey in 1976 to study political science in Ankara and history in Istanbul. His first book of poems, Sevgilim Ölü Asker (tr.: My love dead soldier, 1980) was banned in Turkey for its alleged subversive content. Yashin was expelled from the country in 1986 and went to England, where he earned his doctorate in Birmingham and London. He currently teaches Cypriot and Turkish literature at various universities in the UK, Cyprus and Turkey.

He has published nine poetry collections, three novels, and two essays. In 2014, a collection of his poems was published for the first time in a bilingual German-Turkish edition Istanbul wartet auf niemanden mehr (tr.: Istanbul doesn’t wait for anybody anymore). Yashin reflects on the conflicts leading to Cyprus’ violent partition and offers insights into its cultural and linguistic diversity, the fragmentation of the region and the experience of living in internal and external exile. Apart from his own works, he also has published anthologies of multilingual Cypriot poetry.




Sevgilim Ölü Asker
İkinci Adam Yayınları
Istanbul, 1984

Turuncu Kuş
Istanbul, 2007

Evden Kaçan Çocuk
Yapı Kredi Yayınları
Istanbul, 2013

Istanbul Artik Kimseyi Beklemiyor / Istanbul wartet auf niemanden mehr
Auf dem Ruffel
Engelschoff, 2014
[tr.: Recai Hallaç / Christina Tremmel-Turan / Tevfik Turan]

Sarı Kehribar
Yapı Kredi Yayınları
Istanbul, 2014


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