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Nir Baram


Nir Baram © Osnat Krasnanski

Photo: Osnat Krasnanski

Nir Baram, b. 1976, Jerusalem/Israel, studied literature in Tel Aviv and works as an author and journalist. In his texts, and as a political activist, he advocates for equal rights for Palestinians and for peace in Israel.

His novels include Machsir Hachalomot (tr.: The remaker of dreams, 2006), Good People (2010, Eng. 2016), and World Shadow (2013, Eng. 2017). His most recent book Be’ertz Ha’yeusch (tr.: In the land of despair, 2016) is a collection of reportages written during his travels through Israeli and Palestinian settlements in the West Bank in which he vividly describes the political and ideological realities of the border area.

Nir Baram’s novels have been published in numerous countries. He was shortlisted several times for the Sapir Prize for Literature and the Rome Prize for foreign literature, and received the Israeli Prime Minister’s Prize for Hebrew Writers.




Machsir Hachalomot
Jerusalem, 2006

World Shadow
Am Oved
Tel Aviv, 2013

Good People
Text Publishing
Melbourne, 2016
[T: Jeffery Green]

Be’ertz Ha’yeusch
Am Oved
Tel Aviv, 2016


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