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Paolo Giordano


Paolo Giordano © WireImage, Getty Images

Photo: WireImage, Getty Images

Paolo Giordano, b. 1982, Turin/Italy, studied physics at the University of Turin. He started writing while pursuing his doctoral research in theoretical physics. His first novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2008, Eng. 2011) was an international bestseller, translated into over 40 languages and produced as a feature film in Italy. He regularly publishes articles in the Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Giordano’s second novel The Human Body (2012, Eng. 2014) deals with the theme of growing up against the backdrop of the war in Afghanistan. The story focuses on a group of young soldiers facing existential questions in the midst of a military operation. In Like Family (2014, Eng. 2015), the author returns to the theme of loneliness of his first novel, but this time reflects on the solitude of a husband and wife.

Giordano has received the prestigious Italian literary award Premio Strega for his debut novel.




The Solitude of Prime Numbers
New York, NY, 2011
[tr.: Shaun Whiteside]

The Human Body
Pamela Dorman Books
New York, NY, 2014
[tr.: Anne Milano Appel]

Like Family
Pamela Dorman Books
New York, NY, 2015
[tr.: Anne Milano Appel]

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