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Sergey Lebedev


Sergej Lebedew © James Hill

Photo: James Hill

Sergey Lebedev, b. 1981, Moscow/Russia, is a journalist and author. Before devoting himself to writing, he spent several years traveling on geological expeditions in the north of Russia and in Central Asia. Discovering the remnants of former gulags during his excavations inspired him to write literary works focusing on Russia’s erased history.

Two of his novels that were translated into English and German, Oblivion (2011, Eng. 2016) and Menschen im August (tr.: People in August, in German 2015), examine the impact of Stalinism on Russia today.

Lebedev has also personally felt the consequences of a repressive political regime; the newspaper he had been writing for was closed during the Ukraine conflict. After several years of searching for a publisher in Russia, his novel Ljudi awgusta (tr.: People in August) was published in German translation before publication in Russia in January 2016.



God komety
Centr knigi Rudomino
Moscow, 2014

Menschen im August
S. Fischer
Frankfurt a. M., 2015
[tr.: Franziska Zwerg]

New Vessel Press
New York, NY, 2016
[tr.: Antonia W. Bouis]

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