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Serhiy Zhadan


Lukas Bärfuss © Frederic Meyer

Photo: Rafał Komorowski

Serhiy Zhadan, b. 1974, Starobilsk/Eastern Ukraine, studied German studies, earning his doctorate with a thesis on Ukrainian futurism. He spent four years as a lecturer in literary studies before dedicating himself entirely to writing and translating. He lives in Kharkiv, which is the setting for many of his texts.

Zhadan has published twelve collections of poetry and seven works of prose, including Anarchy in the UKR (2005), Vorošylovgrad (2010) and Mesopotamia (2014). In his texts, the author poetically depicts the multifaceted history and political reality of eastern Ukraine.

Zhadan has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Hubert Burda Prize for young Eastern European poets, the Jan Michalski Prize for Literature and the Brücke Berlin Prize. He was an activist during the Orange Revolution and joined the Maidan movement during the Ukraine conflict. He frequently tours through Ukraine as a singer in his punk rock band Sobaki v Kosmosi (tr.: Dogs in space).



Depesh Mod
Charkiw, 2004

Anarchy in the UKR
Klub simejnogo dozvillja
Charkiw, 2005

Gimn demokratichnoi molodo
Charkow, 2006

Klub simejnogo dozvillja
Charkiw, 2014

Charkow, 2014

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