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Yavuz Ekinci


Yavuz Ekinci © Mehtap Kizilirmak

Photo: Mehtap Kizilirmak

Yavuz Ekinci, b. 1979, Batman/Turkey, studied pedagogy and began teaching in 2001. He is currently earning his master’s degree in Turkish language and literature. Furthermore, he is the editor of a series of Kurdish exile literature.

Ekinci’s literary works revolve around the Kurdish people in Turkey. He has published four novels and three short story collections, including his debut collection Meyaser’in Uçuşu (tr.: Meyaser’s flight, 2004), the novel Tene Yazılan Ayetler (tr.: Verses on the skin, 2010) and his latest work Günün Birinde (tr.: One of these days, 2016). Ekinci draws inspiration for his works from the landscape and atmosphere of Turkey’s southeast and deals in a very personal way with the hope and pain arising from the Kurdish struggle for self-determination and civil rights.

Ekinci has received numerous awards for his works, including the Yunus Nadi Story Award, the Human Rights Association Story Award and the Yaşar Nabi Nayir Award.



Bana İsmail Deyin
Doğan Kitap
Istanbul, 2008

Tene Yazılan Ayetler
Doğan Kitap
Istanbul, 2010

Cennetin Kayıp Toprakları
Doğan Kitap
Istanbul, 2012

Rüyası Bölünenle
Doğan Kitap
Istanbul, 2014

Günün Birinde
Doğan Kitap
Istanbul, 2016

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