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Zmicier Vishniou


Zmicier Vishniou © Siarhei Zhdanovich

Photo: Siarhei Zhdanovich

Zmicier Vishniou, b. 1973, Debrecen/Hungary, is a Belarus-based poet, performance artist, literary critic and program director of the literary magazine Teksty. He began his literary career as founder of the artistic movement Bum-Bam-Lit, which was dedicated to rediscovering the Belarusian language. In 2007, he founded the independent publishing company Halijafy, where he continues to serve as director.

Vishniou is the author of several books of poetry, including Schtabkavy tamtam (tr.: Striped Tamtam, 1998) and Faraon u zaaparku (tr.: Pharaoh in the Zoo, 2006), as well as prose and essays. His poems focus on urban space and play with the idea of utopias and elements of the avant-garde. A fellowship at the artists’ residence Tacheles in Berlin inspired his first novel Zamak pabudavany z krapivy (2010), which was translated into German as Das Brennesselhaus (tr.: The Nettle House, 2014). In this fast-paced story, set in present-day Belarus, the author looks at real and virtual persecution and censorship in everyday life.



A Schkabkawyi tamtam
Masstazkaja litaratura
Minsk, 1998

Tamburnyi masskit
Newsskii Prosstor
Saint Peterburg, 2001

Trap dlja ssusslika
Minsk, 2002

Faraon u saaparku
Minsk, 2007

Zamak pabudavany z krapivy
Minsk, 2010

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